Integral Practices for Life


One risk of participating in the ordinary offerings of religious traditions is that the rituals cannot of themselves prepare the individual for a vivid experience of his and her consciousness.  If ordinary rituals "take up" the time and energy one intends to devote to the quest for truth and depth in herself, they act to block growth.

This five-part course serves a meal that gives a taste for spiritual community giving its attention to the whole person in his need and his strength.  The course is intended to develop a hunger for discovering self and Other in a religious setting.


Lectio Divina 

Reading the scriptures from the heart

Contemplative Prayer

Praying without words

Compassionate Acts

Loving action, with less reaction

Seeing What Is

Setting waymarks on your way

The Spirit of Creation

Hearing and heeding your call

I offer exposure and practice in the five elements on five consecutive days, or on any plan spread over more time -- but not less than five days.


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